Iontophoresis Machines: A Guide


Iontophoresis is a medical term used to refer to a treatment in which electrodes are put together with a tissue, and then a voltage is applied to induce an ionized medication. The device used in iontophoresis is called the iontophoresis machine. Iontophoresis is very useful in various fields in the medicine world. It is widely used in the laboratory experiment such as neuropharmacology. Iontophoresis is also used therapeutically to deliver medicine or other chemicals through the skin. Iontophoresis can also be employed for the diagnostic uses.


The most common use of the sweaty palms iontophoresis machine is the treatment of the sweaty palms. This treatment involves the placing of the palms in water that has a small electric current passing through for fifteen minutes per day. This can continue for around ten to twelve days until the hands can be free from sweating. This process is very simple and reliable. It can be performed at home with only the basic skills required. The use of the iontophoresis device is associated with some a number of benefits. The following are some examples of the advantages of the use of iontophoresis machine.


Many people fear electric devices because of a possibility of the electric fence effect which is commonly known as electric shock. The main advantage of the iontophoresis device is the absence of any possibility of an electric shock. People should, therefore, do away with the fear of experiencing the electrical shocks when they use the iontophoresis device. The other benefit is that there are no batteries used in the iontophoresis devices. They simply used the main plugs. This is very convenient.


In most cases, the use of the iontophoresis machines excludes the use of drugs. These machines in most cases rely on the currents to induce treatment. However, some drugs are sometimes used with the iontophoresis machines. These machines are significant in the delivery of some form of medicine subcutaneously. Using these machines, therapy can be performed at home. The machines can also be used for professional medical practice. This is again is very convenient. In addition, the therapy can be done for both the hands and the feet. Another advantage of these iontophoresis machines is the warranty offered to the buyers of these machines.


The use of iontophoresis devices has been associated with very few side effects. This is another recognizable benefit. These devices are also easy to use. Finally, the iontophoresis machines provide a very quick and good therapy results. For more facts and info about Iontophoresis, Visit