What is an Iontophoresis machine?

If you want to avoid sweating on the palm of your hands and the sole of your feet, then we have the solution. It is a cure that is possible and will take you to the correct direction. Iontophoresis machine is the best and the most recommended device to do away with the problem of sweaty hands. This machine is suitable for people with an even severe condition of sweaty palms and feet soles. The use of this device has few or even no side effects when applied. The cost is relatively cheaper compared to other treatments such as injection of various medicines. The injection will be done occasionally, but the use of iontophoresis machine is moved to the patient's place of residence, therefore, becoming readily available.


A lot of research has proved the most effective method of healing the condition of sweaty palms and feet is through the use of Iontophoresis machine. The treatment is achieved only after using the iontophoresis device for a few days. The treatment undergone does not fall with time hence its effectiveness is long-lasting. The machine is not complex. Therefore, it is simple to use. You only have to follow various rules and guidelines to accomplish the treatment procedure. The only period to put more emphasis on treatment is during the first week and henceforth applying the treatment like in every 15 minutes of the following weeks. After following the clinician procedures, the sweating condition will be a past tense since you will not need to use it on a daily routine.


The most interesting thing about the iontophoresis machine is that you just have to place your feet or your palms once every three weeks for fifteen minutes. This will make your palms and your feet stay dry regardless of the weather and even when you are nervous. The cost of the machine will, therefore, be settled by the permanent benefits yielded from the use of the machine. The Iontophoresis machine only involves a small amount of current passing through the water.


You can also opt to build your machine from the guidelines of an expert since it is a simple machine. You can also view some video clips from online in basic steps of coming up with a home-made iontophoresis machine. This will make you avoid the dollars to be spent in buying such a device. Therefore, it is proven that iontophoresis machine is the most effective and the most suitable device to cure sweaty hands and feet condition. To know more ideas on how to use Iontophoresis machines, just check out